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Learn to sing online with:

  •  The Complete Singing Course

        + 5 Hours Video

  •  Private Lessons via Zoom (Webcam)

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PRIVATE singing lessons 
VIA webcam
45 minutes 35€
1 Hour 40€

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I made a brand new and updated English version of my best-rated UDEMY french course! 
129$ lifetime access
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about your teacher davina


I am a singer, songwriter, and singing teacher with more than fifteen years of experience in opera singing, contemporary music (pop, soul, jazz), and teaching.


My adventure with singing started with opera. For seven years, I learned through private lessons the traditional Italian method with professional opera singer Agnès Chauvot. At the same time, I composed my songs and eventually turned exclusively to modern music.



I learned with the "Complete Vocal Technique" and the "Mix Technique" how to use my voice for contemporary music styles.


For seven more years I dedicated myself to my band of the time, a pop-soul duo. We had proposals from a major label and labels of different sizes, but our wish was to remain independent.



I recently produced an EP, you can listen to it on all music platforms by typing "Art Club Baby" (Deezer, Youtube, Spotify, Itunes etc.) or head over HERE.

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The lessons are based on different techniques and approaches that I have used to get the best results with my students.

- Italian classical technique re-adapted to modern music

- The "Complete Voice Technique"

- The "Mix Technique"


My first goal in my pedagogy is to create sensory memorization of different vocal and respiratory placements.

My job is to give you the right exercises to obtain real progress, regardless of your level and your difficulties. I correct these exercises and by doing so, you will become aware of the good sensations to have.

In other words, as you go along, you should be able to feel when you are singing correctly and when, on the contrary, the vocal placement or breathing is not being performed correctly. 

Repetition is crucial, this is what will develop the muscles in your laryngeal area, discipline your diaphragm, give elasticity to your vocal cords, and develop your areas of resonance.


Each person learns differently and I adapt my explanations accordingly. Some people need diagrams, others need a lot of theory explained with words, others are more focused on sensations.


Regarding the choice of songs to learn, it is a real exchange, I suggest songs to my students that I consider appropriate at the current level and also interesting to progress on specific elements of their voices.

Each song will have specific goals. We usually work on a song for five sessions. Of course, the students choose the song and can suggest songs they want to work on.


Typical course sequence: 20 minutes of exercises/vocal warm-up / 20 minutes of singing / 5 minutes of readjustment of the vocal routine to have between lessons.



First course consists in a vocal diagnosis which will allow us to set goals together.


Contemporary Musics such as Pop, Jazz, Soul, RNB, Broadway, Rock

The Method
Fille Band B & W
Artiste sur scène


What software do I need for private lessons?

I work with different software depending on the person. My recommendation is to download Zoom on your computer. Otherwise, you can use Facetime, Whatsaap or even Facebook Messenger.

When you book your lesson, you will let me know the platform you prefer as well as the necessary contact information, email, telephone number, name so that I can reach you on the chosen platform.


What do I need for a private lesson?

The ideal is to have two devices, one for video (a computer is recommended rather than a phone for the stability of the device) as well as a smartphone for example or a second computer/tablet to start the exercises I will send you. It is ideal to have the sound output of these exercises on another device closer to your ear so that it doesn't interfere with your voice.


What happens during a lesson?

One on one lessons last 45 minutes or 1 hour. Typical course sequence: 20/25 minutes of exercises/vocal warm-up - 20/30 minutes of singing / 5 minutes of recommendations for your routine between courses.


Who calls who?

I will call or email you on time, on the platform that you chose when you booked.


I have to cancel a session, what do I do?

I ask to be notified 48 hours before cancellation by email so that I can book another student. 

We can either postpone the course or you can request a refund. In the event of an exceptional emergency, I can, for regular students, postpone the session to a time more convenient for you provided that I am notified at least 6 hours before.

All other cancellations will not be postponed or refunded.

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